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Air Conditioners and Heating Systems

There is a range of different air conditioners and heating systems to suit all kinds of homes. If you are considering buying a heating system or air conditioner, visit our site to learn more about the different types and ways to save on energy.

Energy-Saving Tips
In the example above, the annual energy cost was based on 615 hours of operation (the total running time of the unit's motor). The total operating hours of your room air conditioner may differ dramatically, depending on how you use the unit. Features such as timers and "fan-only" modes can help limit operating hours.

Cooling Your Home: Don't Sweat It
As the mercury rises, so can the costs of keeping your home cool. And while news reports about high energy prices may have you in a sweat, the Federal Trade Commission has some tips to help you save money while keeping your home cool this summer.

Air Conditioners, What Could Be More Important Than A Good Brand Name
A common misconception about air conditioning equipment is that Brand Name is the best indicator of quality. While it is true that some brands are better than others, this is not the main criterion you should use when making your buying decision. You may do yourself a great disservice if you overlook this. The most important factor regarding central air conditioners and heat pumps, without exception, is the quality of the installation.

Choosing a heating system
There is a range of different heating systems to suit all kinds of homes. If you are considering buying a heating system, you will need to choose a heating system to suit your household needs. There are a range of heating systems and fuel sources to choose from, with different purchase and running costs and energy efficiency levels. When making your choice, consider the following...
Types of heat
There are two types of heat - convective heat and radiant heat. The correct choice for your household depends on the type of rooms to be heated and the length of time heat is required.
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