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Types of heat

There are two types of heat—convective heat and radiant heat. The correct choice for your household depends on the type of rooms to be heated and the length of time heat is required.

Radiant heat works best in rooms that are draughty or feature large open spaces or high ceilings. Heat is emitted from a hot surface (such as the glowing panel of a gas heater or a bar radiator) and primarily heats people and objects within the room, rather than warming the entire room.

Convective heat works best in insulated, well sealed rooms with average ceiling heights. Convective heat is heat which is transferred from one place to another using moving air. Convection heaters (such as fan heaters and ducted heaters) work by filling a room with warm air.

Some heaters combine the effects of radiant and convection heating. Hydronic radiator panels, wood heaters, storage fan heaters and many gas heaters function in this way.

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