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Heating System

Choosing a heating system
There is a range of different heating systems to suit all kinds of homes. If you are considering buying a heating system, you will need to choose a heating system to suit your household needs. There are a range of heating systems and fuel sources to choose from, with different purchase and running costs and energy efficiency levels. When making your choice, consider the following...
Types of heat
There are two types of heat—convective heat and radiant heat. The correct choice for your household depends on the type of rooms to be heated and the length of time heat is required.
Sizing your heating system
A correctly sized heating system will ensure household warmth and energy efficiency. Systems that are too large or too small for a household’s size and demands are often inefficient, ineffective and expensive. Heaters are generally sized according to the amount of heat needed to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature on a cold winter day.

Buying a heater
Consider and compare the energy efficiency rating, purchase cost and long term running costs of each heating system.

Heating System Tips and hints
Minimise the area to be heated. Doubling the size of the heated area also doubles running costs. Close doors to unheated areas, or hang curtains across open archways leading to other rooms.

Types of Heating Systems
There are several energy options to choose from when selecting a heating system for your home. These include...

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