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Choosing a heating system

There is a range of different heating systems to suit all kinds of homes. If you are considering buying a heating system, you will need to choose a heating system to suit your household needs. There are a range of heating systems and fuel sources to choose from, with different purchase and running costs and energy efficiency levels. When making your choice, consider the following:

  • How many people live in your home?
  • How big is the size of the area you would like to heat:
    • a small space?
    • a whole room?
    • a few rooms?
    • the whole house?
  • The features of the space:
    • is it draughty?
    • is it well insulated?
  • What is the frequency and duration of the heating required? Does the space need to be heated:
    • all day everyday?
    • at particular times such as mornings and evenings?
  • What fuel options do you have?
    • gas?
    • electricity?
    • solid fuels?
    • solar?
    • what is the availability of these fuels?
  • What are the purchase, installation and long-term running costs?
  • What are the energy efficiency ratings for the heating systems?
  • What is the unit life expectancy?
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