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Buying a heater

Consider and compare the energy efficiency rating, purchase cost and long term running costs of each heating system.

Energy efficiency
Choosing the most energy efficient heating system will reduce your long term running costs and greenhouse pollution emissions.

Purchase cost
Often heating products with the highest initial outlay are the cheapest to run and last longer than more moderately priced products. Some expensive units can be the most economical option in the long term.

Running costs
The actual running costs of a system will depend on a range of variables, including:

  • the size and efficiency of your heater
  • operating temperature
  • hours of operation
  • size of your home
  • level of home energy efficiency.

Central and space heating
In general terms, space heating is more economical to run than central heating, essentially because of the smaller area being heated.

Central heaters
The most economical central heaters are:

  • zoned, high efficiency (4–5 stars), natural gas ducted heaters
  • zoned, natural gas hydronic systems

Space heaters
The most economical space heaters are:

  • high efficiency (5–6 stars) natural gas heaters
  • high efficiency (4–6 stars) reverse-cycle air conditioners
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