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How to Deal With Asbestos

Most people hear the word 'asbestos' and immediately think of something very hazardous to one's health. Very few people actually know what asbestos is-it is just that shadowy danger present in old buildings and homes. There are ways to safely deal with asbestos, but it is important to understand this material before attempting to remove it. Asbestos is a mineral fiber. It was very commonly used in buildings a few decades ago, especially as insulation.

Its fire retardant capabilities made it an ideal choice, as well as its light-weight and relatively inexpensive to produce. However, asbestos can be inhaled and collect in the lungs and respiratory linings. This can, in turn, cause cancer. The fibers are so small, and rarely do the effects of asbestos inhalation appear early in the exposure.

It often takes many years for the negative impacts on health to be realized. Due to these concerns, many asbestos-containing products are banned by the EPA. The discovery of asbestos should not, however, result in an immediate attempt to remove the product oneself. The fibers are only released after the product is disturbed.

Material in good condition does not usually release the fibers into the air. Only when an attempt is made to remove the product (by ripping, cutting or even sanding) do the asbestos fibers release into the air. If one is truly concerned about the presence of asbestos in the home, he or she can call professionals to remove the product. The EPA can recommend contractors who follow certain procedures and take special precautions in the removal of asbestos materials. While the presence of asbestos in the home doesn't necessarily constitute a health hazard, many people feel better to have it removed completely. The important thing to remember is to never attempt removal.

Contact a professional to take care of this potentially hazardous task.

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