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Furnishing a Spare Room

You have an extra room in your house and you'd like it to utilize the space for multiple purposes; a spare bedroom, an office, retreat and occasionally playroom. One of the most common uses of a spare room is as a guest room. However, the guest room doesn't always have to serve a guest bedroom, it is important to furnish the room with versatile furniture.

The ideal furnishing would have the ability to double for seating and sleeping and not take up too much room in either role. You need a piece of furniture that can double for seating and sleeping. There are three choices available; Futon, Day bed, trundle bed and Sleep sofa. Futons A futon can serve as sofa during the day and pull out to create a sleeping surface during the night. Futons are excellent spare beds. They serve the requirement as a sitting sofa and function as a bed as well.

If you have an over night guest you can fold out the futon and easily transform it into a bed. Futons are available in many different shapes, styles and decors. The cover materials are made out of many different fabrics and add to your home décor style. They also come in different sizes. You can have a futon that uses a standard size mattress, queen size mattress and king size mattress.

If your futon is to be used regularly consider getting a supreme mattress that is more comfortable. There cost of futon beds varies, running from as low as $120 dollars and on the high end $600 dollars or more. Sleep Sofas The sleep sofa bed is hidden from your view when it is not in use.

It fits snuggly into a compartment under the seat of the sofa. When you need the bed, it pulls out smoothly and lays out like a bed. The sofa bed come in many different sizes; queen and king and twin size. The mattress on the sofa bed varies with the quality of your sofa. Some mattresses are thin and may be uncomfortable; others are made by well known mattress makers and offer the same comfort of a regular bed. When shopping for sofa bed, make sure you pull out the bed and test it and make sure the mattress is comfortable.

A sofa bed can be custom made along with you furniture choice, this allows you one that matches your décor. Day Beds A day bed has two side and back and can be used also double as for sleeping and seating. Some daybeds are sold with trundle beds.

A trundle bed is stored underneath the daybed and is only pulled out when needed. This trundle bed easily accommodates two extra guests at night and the day bed can serve a lunge seat to read a book in you're the quiet of your pare room. Whichever piece of spare room bedding furniture you decide to choose, make sure it complements your decorating style. Many online furniture showrooms will provide you with a large selection to get ideas from.

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