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The Labrador Retriever A Great Family Dog That is Friendly and Intelligent

If you are considering a pet, you will definitely want to take a close look into a Labrador retriever. There are many reasons that this dog breed is becoming so popular with families these days and one of the biggest reasons is the fact that they are extremely friendly. Labradors make the perfect family dog because not only are they friendly, but they are a great dog for children as well. When you have children, it is almost a guarantee that they will at some point want a pet.

You of course, want to choose a pet that is friendly and very gentle, which is why the Labrador Retriever makes a great dog for the entire family. Families also want a dog they can train not only in the basic manners of house breaking and other mandatory things, but also in fun things such as tricks. The Labrador Retriever learns very quickly. They are also very obedient dogs and live to serve their master. All of these great qualities combined make for the perfect family pet that everyone can enjoy both children and adults. Of course, owning a pet requires a lot of responsibility.

It is a great way to teach your children from an early age the responsibilities of owning and caring for a pet. Each pet has their own set of requirements of needs and temperament; therefore, it is important that you learn as much as you can about them. With the Labrador Retriever, for example, they require a great deal of exercise.

A very energetic pet, you will want to make sure that you take them on regular walks and give them ample space to run and play. Another thing about the Labrador Retriever is that they require plenty of attention. It is important that you make time for your lovable friend and play with him, pet him, and love him frequently. You will find that they crave human companionship and need it regularly. You want to make sure that if you have to leave on vacation, you have someone coming over to give him a little human interaction time. When choosing a pet, you also want to be aware of health problems that particular breed is prone to.

With the Labrador Retriever, they are typically prone to elbow and hip dysplasia. Elbow dysplasia affects the joints in Labradors, which could range from mild forms of arthritis or severe forms, which could lead to the possibility of surgery to correct the problems. Hip dysplasia directly affects the joint in the hip. This could cause pain, arthritis, and even trouble walking or getting up.

Labrador Retrievers are also prone to PRA and eye disorders. Overall, the Labrador Retriever makes an excellent pet for any family. They can be housed in any type of home, such as an apartment. However, you want to make sure they get plenty of exercise.

A home with a decent yard is ideal for this dog breed. They are very obedient and faithful pets. It's no wonder they are the most favorite breed in the United States and Canada.

Carol Stack enjoys writing articles, especially about dogs. She lives with her husband, children, four dogs and seven cats in the United States. Carol and her daughter Christy have put up a website, http://www.christysdogportal.com that covers dog breeds, dog care, and dog training.

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The Labrador Retriever A Great Family Dog That is Friendly and Intelligent - If you are considering a pet, you will definitely want to take a close look into a Labrador retriever.

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