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Would You Like to Enjoy Me

It was 1981 and we had agreed to receive the advance promotional team for "Up With People" for a 2-week stay. Their assignment was to coordinate everything for the show which included promotion and making sure all of the stage arrangements were made in advance of the touring groups arrival. The team would stay in our home and work out from there. Although this was somewhat new for both of us we were both looking forward to the boys stay.

Up With People is made up of teens and young adults that come from all over the world to gain experience putting on musical performances. The shows are uplifting, very well done and usually sponsored by groups like our Kiwanis Club. The young adults got experience traveling and singing on stage and local families got the pleasure of seeing a great show and entertaining the kids in their homes.

Hans and Eric were from Holland and Boston respectfully and were definitely high energy young men. This was their first assignment as the "Advance Team" and they were anxious to make sure that all preparations were complete before the troop arrived. They met with the manager of the civic auditorium, the coordinator/committee chairman from our Kiwanis Club and local printers to get fliers posted around the community. The boys were clearly well trained and they took their positions seriously.

In the evenings we would have a nice dinner and then chat about where they were from and what they enjoyed doing till the boys turned in early since they had a lot to do each day. Hans approached my wife one evening and asked if there were any places where they could have a nice evening out dancing and enjoying the town. I had played in a local band for years at a very nice dinner club in southern California that was owned by a local attorney that was definitely the right type of crowd. We suggested the Tam O'Shanter and even offered the boys to use our car. On Saturday evening they both dressed and prepared for their night out and at about 9 PM left on their way. Eric was pretty much "ho hum" about the evening but Hans was visibly excited.

We both figured him for quite a "ladies man". My wife and I settled in front of the TV and watched a movie till about 11 PM and then turned it. It had been a long week and she was 6 months pregnant and so getting through the movie itself was a chore before she fell asleep on my shoulder.

The next morning, I got up early to start preparing breakfast. It was around 9 AM by the time everyone arose and as the boys wandered out from their room both of us could tell that Hans was not a happy camper. As he sat at the table drinking his coffee he was not his usual bubbly-self. In fact, he didn't say one word. Finally I asked how the evening went last night. Eric said he enjoyed the club, danced a bit and thought the band was really good.

Hans said nothing. Finally I asked Hans directly why he was not saying anything. He blurted out "I don't understand American women. I didn't get to dance once last night. They all turned me down," he said.

"In my country I am thought to be quite a catch but over here nothing!" Bev asked Hans what happened and he proceeded to share that he would look the room over and find some ladies he wanted to dance with and then approach them asking "would like to enjoy me on the dance floor?" Say what? "Would you like to enjoy me on the dance floor?" Bev pointed out that he might want to change his approach by saying "Would you like to join me on the dance floor?" After explaining the difference, the four of us howled for a good 30 minutes. We laughed so hard we were so exhausted we all went back to bed for another hour or two and the following week we only had to look at each other and we lost it. The show was great but the memory of that morning has never left us.

Jeff Gustafson and MyHATT, An international dinner club concept where people get to know people one bite at a time...thank you to The Daily Buzz and my entire MyHATT contributing staff for the educational content for world culture, the history, world traditions, the international menus for this family activity... http://www.myhatt.com

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