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Window Cleaning Tips To Make Your Windows Sparkle

Whether you like it or not, house cleaning is a necessary evil that most people have to endure. Just one of those tasks is window cleaning. However, unlike the interior of your house, your windows need to be cleaned both inside and outside which can often prove difficult. The best solution is to hire professionals to clean the outside windows - particularly on upper floors of your house - but if you want to clean the interior windows yourself, here are some top tips to make them shine.

1) First of all, make sure to use your vacuum cleaner to clean around the edges and to remove any loose dust, dirt or even cobwebs in the corners. The more of the loose dirt you can remove now means that there is less chance to get unwanted residues smudged or smeared on the glass when you are washing it. Don't forget to vacuum around the sills also. If you have blinds installed, it is often useful to use a feather duster to remove any dust from these before you clean the actual pane. 2) Cleaning any exterior screens.

Again, you can use a vacuum to clean these mesh screens. If possible, try to remove them from the window and clean them over a sink or in the bathroom so that any loose dirt will not make too much of a mess. For any heavier dirt that may be crusted onto the screen, take the screen outside and use a brush to remove it. 3) When cleaning the actual panes, make sure to start at the top of the window and work your way gradually down - this will help ensure that you don't have any drips or streaks running down parts of the window that have already been cleaned. 4) Try to use a soft cotton cloth that doesn't leave any threads when you wipe. There are also plenty of good household window cleaning detergents that you can use.

However, you can achieve very good results with just soap, warm water and a soft, clean cloth. 5) Take your time when washing. Rushing the job will mean you are likely to make a mistake, miss a spot, or end up with streaking on the windows. Allow time for the windows to dry and then clean them again with a dry cloth to polish them and remove any excess water that may still be there. Don't forget to clean the whole window as well as the frame.

For "French windows" you should clean each pane individually for the best results. It may require extra time and energy but they will end up looking much better. If your house has very tall windows you can use extendable tools with a cloth on the end to reach the high places. Alternatively you can use a stable step ladder but be sure it is secured and safe before climbing it. Don't over-reach when cleaning at a height as it can lead to a fall.

As for the outside windows, it's oftentimes best to leave that to the experts!.

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