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Wind TurbinesBuild Yourself A Free Power Supply

Wind turbines at present appear to be one of the best alternative energy suppliers. They are completely independent from the cost of fossil fuels. They can therefore be an excellent environmentally friendly solution to the ever present problem of the cost of oil and gas. There are other possible power sources which can also help. Solar energy is very clean and totally free.The only drawback here is the high cost of solar panels and their limited power output.

They can be a good secondary power source when used alonwith wind turbines. Nuclear power is another obvious answer and this form of power is being developed in various places around the world. The initial cost of nuclear power plants is very high however and there is much opposition to their use after the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl accidents. Properly built and supervised nuclear power stations will probably be a large part of future power supply around the world.

Wind power is presently the most promising power source for small scale power generation. Individually owned wind power generators can supply a substantial portion of our power requirements in the years immediately ahead. Many companies are now offering wind turbine generators for sale to the general public and they are being installed by city and country property owners on an ever increasing scale. Another alternative is to build your own wind turbine at a very substantial saving. It is possible for any farmer or home owner, whether located in city or country,to access this free form of electric power and so become completely independent of the power utility.

It is not necessary to have continuous high winds. Power is generated by even the gentlest of breezes. A very good wind turbine can be constructed using used or new auto parts.

Installation can be on a building's roof or on it's own freestanding tower. It is actually quite simple to construct a wind turbine from available plans and instructions.The average person with a little home workshop experience can build one or several of these turbines quite easily.

The power utility in many areas will now buy any excess power which you generate. This type of wind turbine has been proven to be extremely relisble and was used widely on farms in the period from 1930-1950s. Two or three of them can be built to supply as much power as needed and the power can be stored in batteries ready for use.

Build a wind turbine and the wind will find it and bring you free power.

Like to know more about wind turbines and how to build one? Like to save a lot of money and have a reliable power source? For more information and resources check this out http://www.greenwindpowerturbine.com

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