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Tips on Cleaning the Gardening equipments

Sometimes we tend to forget to clean the gardening equipments after used, and we'll find some problem when we want to use them in the future. Here are some best tips which you can use in cleaning the gardening equipments. GARDEN TOOLS, especially at summer's end, should be stored clean and dry. Mud left on spades, hoes, rakes, etc., encourages rust to develop, and insecticides left over the winter in a garden sprayer can corrode the metal parts to such an extent that it will not be usable in the spring. Remove the mud from all garden tools in the autumn, if you take pride in good equipment; rub off any rusted spots with steel wool, and wipe the metal with a good lubricating oil, or vaseline.

Wash out sprayers and insect dusters and store them thoroughly dry. POWER MOWERS AND SMALL TRACTORS, stored in the basement, are not a woman's job, but probably the woman will be the one to nudge the greens keeper of the family into putting them up properly in the autumn. The Department of Agriculture says this is how to do it: drain all left over fuel oil from the gas tank and carburetor to avoid gum deposits. While the engine is warm, drain out the old oil and then refill the crankcase with fresh oil of the weight you will use in the spring.

Take out the sparkplug and squirt a tea-spoonful of oil into the firing chamber, roll the fly wheel a few turns to distribute the oil* and then replace the sparkplug. Last of all, cover the exhaust pipe to protect it from moisture. As for the lawn mower, obviously, the one that is sharpened and put in tiptop condition before the grass begins to sprout has the edge on the one that is left to be sharpened during the early spring rush. CARPENTRY TOOLS.

In a household of putterers no items of equipment are more elusive than carpentry tools. Screwdrivers, small hammers, and such items apparently have a life of their own, migrating according to the dictates of fancy to locations ranging from the attic to the basement This is why so many women have learned to use hairpins, knives, and kitchen scissors for an amazingly wide variety of minor repair jobs. However, if you can achieve it, there is nothing like a well organized carpentry bench in the basement-with jars for nails, tacks, and screws of various sizes, and racks for tools, neatly arranged.

Tools can be kept from rusting by rubbing off spots of corrosion with emery cloth, and wiping the metal parts with olive oil or Vaseline. Store sharp tools safely in racks or on their sides to protect the cutting edges. There are wall racks with adjustable pegs that encourage the neat disposal of small tools and you might want to try one of those. The problem, though, is to get members of the family to put the tools back into place after using them. Keep the gardening equipment near to the outside door so they are easier to locate in times of need. Remove the mud from garden tools, to avoid the rust.

Keep the carpentry tool from rusting by wipe the metal parts with olive oil or Vaseline, and keep them organized in carpentry bench.

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