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POWER TOOLS TO BE USED IN THE GARDEN A power tool in a garden must be used with much care. There are many tools which can be used in the garedn operating in power. While working in garden you may either need a hedge trimmer or a chain saw or a garden shredder or a garden blower or a brush cutter or a pressure washer.

If you have a hedge in your garden then you may be in need of the hedge trimmer which operates with either pertrol or power. Both have different applications. The trimmer operating with petrol is heavier but at the same time it is flexible. But the trimmers operating with the power are smaller and produce no noise. They can be handled easily.

With these trimmers the size of the branches that can be cut depends on the size of the blade and also the gap between the teeth. If the length of the blade is longer then it can cut many larger branches but at the same it is very difficult to control the trimmer. The trimmer with smaller blade can be controlled easily with small motor but it can cut only small branches.

If the hedge in the garden is smaller then you may select the trimmer operating with power. A garden shear will give a final clear touch for shaping the hedges. Another important tool to be used in the garden is the chain saw which can be operated either with petrol or electricity.

If the source of power is at a longer distance then you may use the petrol chain saw. The chain saws operated with power are easy to use and at the same time are smaller and less powerful than petrol operated ones. Only trained professionals must use this chain saw. Another mostly used tool is the garden shredder which is used to collect the wastes in the garden and decompose them into compost materials. Brush cutter is yet another tool for cutting down the unwanted parts in the garden using power or fuel as the source. A pressurized water washer can be used to clean the garden equipments.

They can be driven with power or fuel and are used along with a hose pipe. Another tool is the garden vacuum which is also used for cleaning the garden. It will suck all the leaves and convert them into compost in a bag.

While using these tools wear appropriate clothing's for safety. Use the tool only after reading the complete manual. Make use of current braker equipment while operating the power tools. Never use the damaged wires and connections. Use proper insulations in the tool.

Make sure not to cut the connection in between while using the tool in the garden. Make the adjustments to the tool before it is switched on. All the tools must be stored in a safe, cool and dry place.

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