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Show Your Crafty Side With A Handmade Wedding

Have you always had a talent for making things by hand? Then a handmade wedding is something that will give you memories to last a lifetime. Show your crafty side by adding a personal touch to your special day. While a handmade wedding can be beautiful, keep in mind that it is not always a way to save money. Some brides may choose to make a lot of their accessories thinking it will save them a lot of money. Often they discover (all too late) that by the time they add in the cost of making something and their time -- they have "spent" an equal or higher amount to what buying that item would have been.

Just like the marriage, only have a handmade wedding because you enjoy creating things. Creating handmade items for any other reason will stress you out in the long run. Finally, if you are not the crafty type it is also likely that you won't catch on to a craft or sewing project easily the first time -- so you'll need to actually double or triple the cost of making something.

For that cost, it completely makes sense to buy the item! Wedding dress. In another generation it was expected that a young woman would make her wedding dress. There were many dress patterns to create wedding dresses. Your wedding dress would take you several months to carefully sew and this was often a fun, sentimental sewing project you could do with your mother. But with today's wedding dresses becoming more sophisticated, a bride expects a much fancier dress than most have the sewing skills to create. If you have a fashion design degree or strong sewing skills and want to create your own wedding dress this can be a lovely project.

Designing your own pattern or working with a dressmaker can be a great idea. Veil making. It has become popular for brides and bridesmaids to make their own veils. This can save you money on your veils but it will probably take some practice to get it just the way you want it. There are a number of veil making materials available at larger craft stores.

Unity candle. This is an easy project that makes a lovely gift to give a couple. Making a unity candle uses a large candle and then decorating it in a way that will appeal to the couple.

Some Unity candles are quite elaborate and others are very simple candle styles. You can make yours as simple or elaborate as you like. Sign-in book. Making your own sign-in book is a fun project that most beginning crafters can make using a blank sign-in book and decorating it to match the theme of their wedding.

This is easy to do with a glue gun or crafting glue. Wedding favors. There are many different types of favors you can make. A classic idea is candy wrapped in tulle and ribbons.

Or you can put tiny tree seedlings in small tulle bags. This is a great way to spend the afternoon with your bridesmaids.

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