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Sex and the Senior Secrets of Sizzling Senior Sex

Do you know the secrets of sizzling senior sex? Read on to discover the 7 secrets of sizzling senior sex. Sizzling Senior Sex (SSS) is a state of mind. You are never too old for sizzling sex.

Masters and Johnson's research proved that couples were fully capable of enjoyable sexual activity into their eighties. SSS is always a matter of what's between your ears not what' s between your legs. If you think you are too old your sizzle will fizzle. Think and believe "yeah baby!" Sizzling Senior Sex summons individual sensitivity. Our bodies change over time. Talking about what is pleasurable and what is not is very important.

In general, arousal is not as fast or for males as instant as when you were 30. SSS takes time and sensitivity. Enjoy the journey. Sizzling Senior Sex counts on knowledge. Menopause changes many things for women. Husbands go to her doctor's appointments, listen, become knowledgeable about the changes occurring in her body and emotions.

If you are gentle and understanding with all this, she will be grateful. As men age erections become less spontaneous and less firm. Television ads promote several medications for male enhancement.

Both of you have to learn what happens to your body as you age. The good news is growing old does not have to mean no sex. It may mean more lubricants, taking your pill, or changing to more comfortable positions.

Think of it as not growing older but growing better. Sizzling Senior Sex is increased the longer we stay healthy. Work out, find a hobby, keep your mind active, volunteer, and participate in religious activities. Research indicates all these activities promote aging well.

Taking good care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually are key ingredients in staying healthy. If nature and genetics do not cooperate, and physical challenges occur, remember attitude is everything. Keeping positive keeps us alive. Sizzling Senior Sex enjoys sensuality. If you always counted frequency of intercourse as the standard for good sex, you probably won't get this so skip to number seven or put your head in a blender.

SSS enjoys a bath or shower together, sleeping bare, snuggling on the couch during an afternoon nap, or holding hands on any walk. SSS begins with touch not just doing it. Sizzling Senior Sex says, "I love you.

" Making love is an extension of being in love. It's not the frequency, it's the passion. Long looks into each other's eyes, consciously doing things that please your spouse, planning a romantic evening put the sizzle into a senior marriage.

After your passionate evening bask in the afterglow and ask, "Wonder what the other geezers are doing tonight?" Then give thanks for SSS. Sizzling Senior Sex heats up in direct relationship to our happiness quotient. If you are an old fart, then you will stink-up things and pizzle on your sizzle. Stay positive and upbeat not dwelling on aches, pains, and illness. Positive, joyful, happy attitude will lift our spirit.

Positive people believe everything is possible. Believe in great sex at any age. Let the sizzle begin with sizzling senior sex!.

I encourage you to use these 7 secrets to improve your sex life whether you are a senior or are going to be a senior someday. For even more practical tips, I invite you to visit http://www.SizzlingSeniorSex.com to check out my brand new ebook and fr-ee eprogram on Sizzling Senior Sex.

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