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How To Go About Installing Stair Lifts Rightly

Stair lifts are a wonderful means to help ascend or descend up or down the stairs without having to extend any physical effort. A proper installation of the stair lift setup is, however, necessary to make it all the more useful, comfortable and functionally smooth and efficient. This will also ensure its durability for many years. The stair lift basically consists of a seat mounted to a track together with armrests and a footrest. The process of installation of the stair lifts is to be attended to with utmost care and concern in order to ensure safety and comfort of the users.

The setting up procedure is to be carried out with customer/user satisfaction and functionality as the prime objectives. The ultimate object is to enable an individual with mobility limitation to get better access to areas/floors of his/her home. In an effort to proceed with installation of chair lifts it is to be first ascertained that the stairs in the home are in good condition.

This is necessary because the rails of the stair lift are to be installed to the stair treads and not to the wall. So, a sound condition of the stairs means a more lasting set up of the stair lift rail. Special installation measures need to be employed in case the stairs are narrow (less than 37). The suitable track distance from wall selection in such case is very crucial together with ease of use consideration of the user with respect to his/her height and leg length. It is the aluminum rails which are increasingly being preferred to the steel rails because this enables easy re-configuration for some different staircase if needed by. Would you like to have a sleeping relaxation while sitting in a lift chair? Then luxury lift chair is the easiest option available to you.

Luxury lift chair will give you an opportunity to lie back further and at the same time its fantastic design makes it look like a perfect luxury lift chair. An added feature is the emergency battery back-up systems in cases there is no power at all. While installing the stair lifts the seat height is to be determined as per the height of the user concerned. It is often suggested to keep a low height as the person going to use it can be short or it might even be difficult to move the person concerned to the seat of the stair lift seat if it is too high.

A seat with some depth is also often preferable for tall people. Besides, the rail or track of the stair lift must be so installed that it evenly comes all through the length of the stairs- which will assure better safety for the user. Good lighting facilities should be installed at the top and bottom of the stairs i.e. the points of getting on to and alighting from the stair lift seat.

Finally, all the installation procedures followed need better conform to the local governmental requirements and norms practiced regarding electrical plug of the stair lift setup.

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