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Hiring A Moving Company In Los Angeles

Five years ago, I never would have thought that Id have to move again. Having lived here in this spacious class A condo in Buena Park for several years, I like my condo and the neighborhood. However, things dont always work the way we want them to.

The subprime mortgage crisis that hit the country unexpectedly has affected many states, with California and Florida being the hardest hit. A nationwide bank crisis who could have imagined that? Id understand a bank run of one bank, but the thought of banks folding up all over the country, all at the same time, is something my mind still cant quite comprehend, up to now.

Three years down the road, banks are still reeling and people are now forced to find ways to conserve their money myself included. I therefore decided to move to a smaller flat in Valencia. I found one that was smaller than my current place, didnt have the 24-hour security that my current building now has, but was way cheaper.

Guess what my new house is not that far from Six Flags!

If you like rollercoaster rides, you must go to Six Flags. Its an amusement park where the attractions are the different kinds of rollercoaster rides, each one more thrilling than the next. Have you ever done a 360 degree ride? That ones sure to make your heart drop to where your kidney is.

I love it, though.

Moving companies now thats another thing I havent had any experience with. When I moved into my condo I had only my backpack, a suitcase of clothes, and my car. I bought new furniture and appliances.

Now that I have to move again, Ive decided to spend as little as possible, so Im taking all the furniture and appliances I have.

I looked through the local phonebook for moving companies. Although I didnt know any of these companies from Adam, somebody told me that I should check them with the BBB just to be sure theyre legit.

One thing I realized was that here in the West Coast, there doesnt seem to be as many moving companies as there are in the East. I guess people here tend to stay put.

One company I called asked me over the phone what things I had to move, and gave me a quotation on the spot. Yeah right. Ive had enough experience dealing with people to know that these are the kinds of deals where youre bound to be in for a surprise later on.

The other moving companies sent representatives to take a look at my possessions before they gave me an estimate, and even gave me rates for packing services.

I figured, Im on saving mode anyway, so Id do the packing myself. Think bank account, or piggybank!

I finally chose one company among the lot that came to my house, and spent the next couple of months doing my packing. It was painstakingly slow, of course a couple of hours after dinner each day, and half the day on weekends (note to self: I will not give up my weekend social life!).

Eventually I had it all done and was able to move. Thank God for moving companies! The men traipsed in and out of the house carrying boxes while I watched on with a mug of coffee in hand. Right now Im in my new house, looking at the boxes Ill have to unpack. I think Ill make a quick trip to Six Flags for some heart-stopping action before doing that.

Wanna come with me?


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