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Five Mistakes to Avoid when Buying an Art Reproduction Painting

Art reproductions make splendid investments if you enjoy fine art and want to stay within your budget. Hand-painted reproductions are painted on canvas by experienced artists, which makes them more comparable to the originals than printed copies. However, not all art reproductions are created equal. Before buying an art reproduction, try to avoid these mistakes. Mistake #1: Buying Art Based on Artist Recognition Alone If you adore paintings by a particular artist, never assume that all paintings by that artist are going to be desirable. Many talented artists produce great and not-so-great paintings.

If you buy paintings by a particular artist without seeing them first, you might be disappointed. If ordering online, you can usually see a photo of the reproduction or original beforehand. Mistake #2: Buying Online without Seeing the Full Picture When viewing art online, make sure you're able to view an enlarged image of the painting (not just a thumbnail) so you'll be able to examine it thoroughly. Smaller images on the Web tend to distort or cut paintings. If you're thinking of buying a painting online, and a large view of the image is not available, email the Web site's owner to request a larger image by email.

Mistake #3: Buying Art from Just Anyone Another common mistake you should avoid is buying art from a company or individual without knowing who they are or what type of customer service they provide. See if there are testimonials from other customers. Find companies that are experienced in producing fine quality paintings. Oil painting reproductions should be painted by a professional to fully grasp the detail and mood of the original. If buying at an online auction, pay attention to the seller's feedback if available.

Learn all you can about the company or individual before committing to a purchase. Mistake #4: Buying a Painting Just Because It's Famous Try not to get too caught up with the popularity of a painting. Not all paintings should be avoided just because they're not famous. If you're planning to use painting reproductions for decorative purposes, you might benefit from many paintings that are not necessarily famous or even created by a well-known artist. Never buy a painting just because everyone else has. If you don't like the painting, you'll only be wasting money.

Mistake #5: Opting for the Cheapest Shipping Method When Ordering by Mail If you order art by mail or online, always choose the safest possible shipping method with tracking ability when available. Choosing the cheapest shipping method might save you a few dollars, but your painting could arrive damaged. Then, you'll have to pay for shipping to return it, and wait on a replacement. Join an art forum or subscribe to an art magazine to keep up to date with the latest art trends, best selling pieces of art, etc. Also, do some research before buying a painting to make sure it's right for you. Avoid these mistakes when buying art reproductions, and you'll be able to locate great works or art to treasure for a lifetime.

David De Groot helps art lovers around the world realize their dream of owning famous pieces of art. His web site offers affordable reproductions of some of the most extravagant paintings, each hand-painted by an experienced artist. Browse an amazing online gallery at http://www.myreproductions.com/

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