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Diaper Cakes Key Ideas For Picking Up Unique Baby Shower Cakes

Are you looking for an adorable, unique centerpiece that can be used for months by mom and baby? With one of a kind diaper cakes, baby shower gifts' shopping has never been such easier. These charming baby cakes are available in various sizes and can be found in a number of different colors and themes. Diaper cakes, as the name implies, are made of the most needed items for new parents, newborn baby diapers. New parents can always use diapers. So these cakes are a creative and delightful way to give parents the items they need most.

Though it is designed like a traditional tiered cake, these baby shower cakes are not edible! The entire cake is full of useful little treats for the new baby. Besides a number of diapers, diaper cakes typically include soft blankets, useful burp cloths, and many other small items commonly selected as baby shower gifts. Simple, one tier diaper cakes are very affordable and make astounding gifts that are sure to please. Small cakes are made up of over fifteen disposable diapers and are most commonly found in baby girl pink, baby boy blue, or a colorful pastel design for either boys or girls. Two tiered cakes contain more than twenty-five diapers and even more useful baby items. Standard diaper cakes can also be found in a three tier design with at least thirty diapers and an average of fifteen to twenty other items like pacifiers, rattles, grooming accessories, and more.

Four tier diaper cakes contain over fifty disposable diapers and may include wardrobe items, stuffed toys, and more than twenty small baby accessories. For an even more unique baby shower gift, choose a themed diaper cake. If the new parents have already selected a nursery motif for their bundle of joy, look for a baby shower diaper cake to fit the design. From common nursery characters like Winnie the Pooh to sports related baseball themes, you are sure to find the perfect design.

Like standard diaper cakes, themed cakes are available in several sizes and include a number of disposable diapers. The other baby items that fill a themed diaper cake are all designed to match the theme, making nursery decorating a breeze. Diaper cakes can also be customized and personalized for the most endearing baby gift a new parent can receive. Select diaper cakes that are color coordinated with baby's nursery or a seasonal themed cake for moms who will deliver around holiday times. Some diaper cakes are even designed specifically for multiples with two or three of everything! Add a special touch to your shower gift by choosing to personalize your diaper cake.

Baby's new name can be sweetly embroidered across a bib or blanket and displayed on the cake for a gift that will be cherished for years. As you read, what other gift can be so useful and make the perfect baby shower centerpiece all at the same time? Select an adorable diaper cake for your next shower gift!.

Qing Gu is a party planning expert and professional writer for baby related websites. For more information on themed diaper cakes, visit here: http://www.coolest-baby-shower-idea.com/diapercakes.html Sign up with the "Planning A Baby Shower with 5 Special Themes" FREE eCourse, you'll be mastering all the exciting, fun and innovative ways to make sure your baby shower a huge succes. http://www.coolest-baby-shower-idea.com/ecourse

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