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Concrete Flooring Doesnt Have To Be Boring

When we think of concrete flooring, we often think of those boring basement floors a dull gray-ish color with no pattern or design. but in today's world of decorating natural materials for flooring in countertops are much sought after in one of the big trends is decorative concrete. Concrete is inexpensive and durable and is becoming a popular flooring for basements, apartments, and many other structures. Some people cover their concrete with carpets but one cannot argue with the durability and clean ability of concrete. While some people like to use granite or slate for floors, concrete can be just as beautiful and a lot less expensive.

Concrete floors can be decorated in a variety of colors and hues and also stamped with different designs. Concrete is very long-lasting and never needs to be replaced though you might have to touch up the finish that's a pretty easy and inexpensive job. When used in basements, especially ones that get a little damp, having bare concrete floors is a more hygienic option from moldy carpets and rugs. So how do you decorate concrete? Here's some of the more popular methods of turning your boring concrete floor into something you can be proud of. Staining Chemical staining can form can tell is In patents on your concrete floor and can be used in new or old concrete slabs.

It works with the lime content in the floor it is rather unpredictable but usually comes out looking pretty good. Scoring Concrete floors can be scored to create a pattern by making shallow cuts with a circular saw. You can make many geometric shapes and designs to form pretty much any patent that you want. Stamping Freshly poured concrete can be stamped to look like title, stone, black, wood, or even slate by using rigid or flexible patterns that in print outline into the concrete as it is setting.

There are many patterns to choose from and then the concrete can be colored afterwards to resemble whatever natural material you like. Caring for your decorative concrete floors isn't much different than the regular maintenance you perform in any part of your home. Of course how often you have to maintain it will depend on how high the traffic area is on the floor as well as the use of water or other chemicals on the floor.

Concrete should be sealed and regular cleaning is important to prevent the floor from looking dull and the color from fading. Concrete can be a great choice for flooring although it probably isn't for everyone. Those who like to have a soft comfy rug underfoot might not like the feeling of hard concrete. Although you may be able to keep your floor war with radiant floor heating installed, if you don't have this option and concrete flooring can be a bit cold.

But for those who like the natural and industrial look of concrete, decorative concrete flooring is the cost-effective choice.

Lee Dobbins writes for http://concrete.subjectmonster.com where you can learn more about the wonders of concrete.

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