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Air conditioner filters

Air conditioner filters and electronic furnace filters are designed to clean the air in your home or office. We mention air conditioner filters and electronic furnace filters as one as they are usually combined in one unit to suit the same purpose, i.e. to clean the air you breathe.

The air conditioner / electronic furnace filters are generally for people who wants to

  • reduce pollen, dust, airborne plant and mold spores, bacteria, some viruses from the house
  • reduce some of the odors associated with cooking smells, pets,cleaners, paints or tobacco smoke in home
  • protect the furnace or air conditioner against particles that can destroy your heating or cooling unit

Things you want to consider about the filter
Furnace filters take up electrical power and power equals money as we all know. Therefore observe the power usage of the unit, and maybe look out for those that that use little electricity. There are several models out there that are low power users. You might also want to consider weather you want a filter with disposable collector pads instead of a washable furnace filter for example. Some units generate ozone which is experienced by many as being unpleasant. So consider getting air conditioner filters or furnace filters that do not generate any ozone.

How the air conditioner filters work
Electrostatic furnace or air conditioner filters holds an electrostatic media that attracts airborne particles to protect your heating and cooling system. Used correctly, this air cleaner/furnace filter can help protect aginst allergy causing pollens, fine dust as well as tobacco and cooking smoke, airborne plant spores, bacteria, and some viruses. Some also experience a reduction in household odors related to cooking, pets, and tobacco smoke.

The air cleaners usually utilizes an input of 24 volts AC, which generates a 7,000 volt positive DC charge from its power head. This charge, applied to a central grid, polarizes the ½' thick polywool blended collector pads on either side of the grid. Simply stated, this air filter creates millions of tiny powerful magnets to attract and hold particles. These large particles build up on the front of the filter, while the smaller particles are collected through the collector pads. These pads are held in place by the two outer screens, which are grounded. The airconditioner filter can be said to be a two filter in one due to the symmetry about the central grid. The use of a static electrostatic field (i.e., one without current flow and corona discharge) is important, since this method prevents any generation of undesirable ozone.

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